Request for a contribution to the conservation of a urban industrial ecology in Seoul!

Have you ever visited the vicinity of Cheonggyecheon and Euljiro in Seoul, Korea?

Please write down your trip note and opinion about how unique and significant you felt and realized it was, and send it to us: ctcl (at) ctclab (dot) org

There is a urban regeneration/redevelopment event in this area of Cheonggyecheon and Euljiro in Seoul where the electronics market (including Sewoon Sagga), ironsworks streets, tools shops have uniquely co-located for more than a half century.

Since the last year, the redevelopment project accompanying forced demolition has been aggressively underway driven by the landowners, real-estate agencies and construction corporations with the support or at least negligence of the Seoul and central governments. What is specific is that the central part (Sewoon Sagga buildings) has been restored and regenerated, whereas the surroundings are being destined to the eviction and demolition for the redevelopment to build offices, restaurants, hotels, or apartments etc.; however, the whole area has been unexampled organic urban manufacturing complex, an ecology that has spontaneously formed for over 70 years. 

As you see the pictures recently taken below, the area called Ipjeong-dong between Cheonggyecheon and Euljiro is being under deconstruction. The Cheonggyecheon and Euljiro Reservation Solidarity (, and other groups or meetings made up of activists, artists and scholars, have recently been organized in order to respond to this with all supporting citizens and you.

So we would like to request you to please write down a paragraph or two concerning how unique and significant it is when you ever visited, and send it to us: ctcl (at) ctclab (dot) org

– subject;

– your name and affiliations; 

– a paragraph or two in your mother language, and then in English, to which Korean will be translated and added; 

– picture(s) of you at the site, if any.

With your contributions, we here could weigh heavily on the government and the public to realize again and strongly how internationally important this area is and worth to reserve it rather than let it be gone.

Thank you very much! 

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