“a unique scene worthy of great cultural, historical, and social respect” / “문화, 역사, 사회적으로 가치있고 독특한”

Veli-Matti Karhulahti, PhD Senior Researcher in University of Jyvaskyla for the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies / Adjunct Professor of Play and Games in University Turku (Finland)  

I visited here to take a guided tour and give a lecture (Game and Play Cultures in Europe and Finland) to Korean video game researchers in December 10, 2018.  

The electronic market in Seoul is a unique scene worthy of great cultural, historical, and social respect. From both local (Korean) and global (international) viewpoints of technological evolution and its understanding, the area stands as a striking instance of unmapped scientific discoveries in diverse academic disciplines; compared to similar sites in Europe, Cheonggyecheon has a peculiarity of its own that should be treated with extreme care and conservation. As a researcher of play and games, I see the electronics market specifically valuable in the light of the research trends around Korean media history — with a reminder that the results of such research will yield profits not only as progress in our overall cross-cultural understanding, but also as improved comprehension of the socio-economy of Korean gaming industry per se.

To be translated in Korean (한국어 번역 예정)